Transparency and Our Purchasing Evolution

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, we will be sharing some of the brands that we carry in store that we believe are doing good work in the areas of sustainable and ethical production. Fashion Revolution, the organizer behind Fashion Revolution Week, encouraged retailers to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain to help encourage consumers to think differently about their purchasing choices and the clothing they wear. 

So, in full transparency, we need to be fully honest that our knowledge on this topic is a total work in progress. It is very important to us and we are actively trying to make choices that are good for the future generation, BUT we still have a lot to learn!

When we first had the idea for a children’s store, we quickly became uncomfortable with the idea of young people making the clothing for other children to wear. We also cared about the process used in making the textiles and fabrics. We had no idea where to start in researching brands that are produced ethically and sustainably. We did a little research and spoke to other retail friends and . . .

Here is where we started:

  1. Does the brand have information on their website about their production process?
  2. If there is no information about on the website, will the brand answer our questions if we reach out to them?

Here are the questions we started asking:

  1. Are the clothes made with organic or recycled materials?
  2. If the clothes are organic, are they GOTS certified?
  3. Where are the clothes made?
  4. Can the brand tell us about the factory where the clothes are made?
  5. Are workers in the factories paid a living wage
  6. Does the brand have plans for improvement in their production chain?

We think we have made some strong choices in the brands we carry and we will continue to learn as we expand our selections and the brands with whom we work. This week we will be introducing you to 7 brands that we sell in our store and online. We hope you will take the time to learn about the brands and how your purchases impact the greater community and our future generations.

Monday - Native Shoes

Tuesday - Little Man Happy

Wednesday - Parkland

Thursday - CarlijnQ

Friday - Mainio

Saturday - Red Caribou

Sunday - Vans

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