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Wee Gallery collections are both educational and artful. They go hand-in-hand in our book. Wee products engage children for years. Though their products are designed with infant development in mind, we have found that they have a much longer lifespan in children’s lives. 

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Young girl playing with stacking blocks by Wee Gallery
Kiko and GG wooden toy gumball machine

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Kiko + GG

kiko+ & gg* is a modern-minimalist, boutique toy brand from Osaka, Japan.

Over 10 years ago, when plastic toys ruled the toy world - two female toy designers Kaz* and Novi* had a better idea.
Toys could be beautifully-designed, durable, AND fun for kids at the same time!

The brand concept is simple: to create beautifully-designed toys that spark imaginations and make you smile!

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