Store Opening at 104 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA in mid-July! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about our grand opening party.
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    We are Little Nomad

    Little Nomad is a line of fresh, modern, gender neutral children's graphic tees inspired by a sense of humor, curiosity, and hip hop culture. Our name aims to express the wonderment shown by our little ones. It also serves as our family's acronym - Nora, Myka, Anthony, Devan. 

    The collection is deigned by a husband and wife team, Anthony and Nora Bryant, in collaboration with local artists. Anthony has an extensive background in retail with roles on both the operational and visual side. Nora is an early childhood special education teacher.

    We began taking the idea of a clothing line seriously after the birth of our second daughter Myka. We found that much of children's apparel is very gender specific, overly-designed and as Anthony put it, "has no flavor."  After hearing that other parents encounter similar issues, we decided to design a refined clothing line with appealing graphics that resonated with both adults and children.