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Tiny Circuits!

The tiny-but-mighty mini-microprocessor module has all the computing power you need to build 20 electrifying projects. Plug wires into ports to build serial and parallel circuits, create music, and test materials for electrical conductance. Wire up electronic dice, a magic message wand, and a doorbell. Play 1- and 2-person games, such as Trap It, Drag Race, and Fart-Sound Frenzy!

As you wire up your circuits, you’ll discover the electrifying truth about electricity, electric circuits, microprocessors, inputs and outputs, RAM, ROM, and more! The adorable electronics lab comes with a microprocessor unit featuring three LEDS, a speaker, and programming ports. Also included are a battery box, seven hookup wires, two push buttons, and a foldout manual with instructions and information about electricity and electric circuits. This portable mini-computer lab is perfect for classroom sharing, parent-child activity time, and sleepovers.

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