Kids In The Kitchen: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Cooking and baking brings me a lot of joy. Cooking dinner brings me peace during a busy, nonstop day. I love looking at recipes and reading cookbooks. I even enjoy meal planning. I couldn't wait until my girls were old enough to join me in the kitchen.  I learned quickly that I had to let go of much of the control with kids in the kitchen. Devan likes to get messy and wants so badly to do everything on her own. I hope to continue to document my time with my girls in the kitchen and post the recipes we cook together here. 

Our first recipe is for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We made these on day four of being stuck in our house during our recent snow storm. These cookies were first created by the organization Cookies for Kids Cancer ( The organization raises money for research to develop new treatments for pediatric cancer through supporting people who hold bake sales. A friend of mine introduced the recipe to me this past summer and we have made them many times since.  A link to the recipe is available on the King Arthur Flour website ( 


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