DREAM Collaboration with Lightbox Print Co.

It's amazing where one conversation about music can take you. I met Meredith and James of Lightbox Print Co. at The Brunch Market in Scott's Addition where I was spinning and they were vendors. After realizing we had a ton of common friends and interests, we knew we had to work on a project together. 

We had such a fun time collaborating on this project, which was inspired by a shared appreciation for Biggie's jam, Juicy. Playing off of the "It Was All a Dream" line, we hoped to create a piece that could be the start of your little one's art collection or cool enough to pop up in your living room. 

This is a limited edition print that we'll be releasing Friday, March 2nd during RVA First Fridays, so definitely try to stop by the shop. James and Meredith will be set up in the shop with their other prints too! I got to hang out with them at their studio, take pics of their process, and ask a few questions. Enjoy!

Where is your dream location to shoot inspiration?

 James: I'm always inspired by exploring places I've never been and finding the forgotten, overlooked corners and spaces. Alleys, ruins. The edges where nature starts to take back over the built world.

Meredith: A friend recently told me about the Neon Sign Boneyard in Las Vegas, which is exactly what it sounds like - they've got over two acres of signs that date from the present day back to the 1930s. I think it'd be a great documentation of the history and trends of the times and how those artists chose to create each one. I'm also really into juxtaposition so I think it could make for a great piece expressing old and new with bright pops of color against the dry, muted vibe of the desert. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of start a small business? 
James: Do what you love and are passionate about. Build your own world.
Meredith: Don't overthink too much of it all at once... let things naturally unfold. As long as you're actively doing what you enjoy doing then they'll unfold in the right direction. It may take what feels like a long time to get to a place where you feel comfortable but let's be real... nothing worth having is achieved by being comfortable all the time. Enjoy and embrace ALL the moments of living a life you've created for yourself. 
 Describe your perfect Sunday in Richmond.
James: Getting an early start, hitting the streets with a camera and a sketchbook, and walking the city for the day. Coffee and brunch at Metzger or Perlys. Beers and sketching on the patio at Ardent. Then heading home to prepare a big dinner for a few good friends. 
Meredith: Reading for a bit before the sun rises, the heading outside for the majority of the day. Walking the streets and alleys with a camera, laying in the grass at the VMFA, meeting up with friends for a beer on the patio at Ardent and wrapping up with either a homemade meal with friends or 8.5 and a movie on the couch with J (RIP Video Fan).

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