Mini Melissa

Ping Pong + Fabula Sandal

If you didn’t get the memo, prints are so IN this season! And there has never been a Mini Melissa sandal as printed as the aptly-named Fabula! An open toe sandal, the Fabula has two adjustable upper straps as well as a back strap all with Velcro closure, which allows the shoe to fit perfectly on the children’s feet. It also has a combination of geometric shapes, designs and modern and bold colors, ideal for fab mini fashionistas to rock every day.

About Mini Melissa: Bright, colorful, and super flexible, Mini Melissa’s 100% recyclable PVC shoes began as French Riviera-inspired jelly shoes. Since 1979, the Brazilian brand’s innovative designs and collaborative collections have been bringing a chic combination of fashion, art and design to tiny feet.

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