Native Shoes

Native Jefferson Watercolor Pink/Sakura Red

Combining innovation, originality, and the key ingredient - lite-ness.

By 2023, each and every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% life cycle managed. Native is also a certified vegan brand. Since 2009 they have strived to simplify your day, beautify your environment, and make you and those around you smile through your superlative choice in footwear. Through their simple formula of innovation, originality, and the key ingredient — lite-ness — they are spreading good shoes and better vibes to all corners of the globe.

The Jefferson is the leader of lite-ness and the original EVA all-star. Like any reigning ruler of the ring, the Jefferson encompasses all of the fine features that you'd expect from a Native shoe. It's shock absorbent, odor resistant, and hand-washable.

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