Storkshire Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket - Feather & Pine

Swaddling your baby has shown to increase the feeling of security, reduce stress, and mimic the mothers womb. This ultimately leads to a better and deeper sleep. 

Soft and safe for all skin types: Our Baby blankets are made from 100% organic muslin cotton. Muslin gives the ultra soft feeling while allowing it to be breathable so body heat can escape through the open weave while keeping your baby snug and warm.

Swaddle blanket: Our swaddles are 47” x 47” , which is large enough to easily wrap or swaddle babies from new born infants to older toddlers. 

Multi-use baby blanket: The swaddle blanket can also be used as receiving blanket, baby towel/blanket, nursing cover, burp cloth, full bib, stroller shade cover, etc.. Which makes it a wonderful baby shower gift for every new mom!

Machine wash, tumble dry NO HEAT or hang dry! This is 100% cotton so it will shrink if heat is applied. Do NOT bleach since you shouldn’t bleach baby clothes, blankets, or anything they wear or touch in general!

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